Type: PH

Design Features

  • Horizontal, Centrifugal, Monoblock (pump & motor have been combined to form a single unit) type pump fitted with single stage closed Impeller in Volute Casing having axial end suction and vertical centerline delivery.
  • No fear of motor burning due to wide operating voltage range and Non-overloading power characteristics at any operating point.
  • Advantage of mounting space saving due to elimination of base plate, coupling and coupling guard.


  • Industrial usage such as Cooling, Heating, Circulating, Boosting, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Cold Storage systems.
  • Agriculture usage such as General Irrigation, Sprinkler Irrigation and De-watering systems.
  • Civil usage such as water supply schemes for Buildings, Hotels and Commercial Complexes.
  • To handle clean as well as moderately aggressive liquids.

Operating Data